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Built on BittWare: a 100G IPsec Accelerator

This week at MWC be sure to visit Sitehop as they have launched “The world’s first 100Gbps AES256GCM security solution with the fastest nanosecond encryption latency” using BittWare COTS FPGA cards.

Their SAFE100 solution provides an easy way to get multiple 100G encrypted network connections. The solution is based on BittWare COTS accelerators, giving Sitehop a distinct advantage in the market with a solid, reliable hardware platform for their customers. They are able to focus on the firmware design, which focuses on low latency, low power, and ease of use.

How easy? They released a demo video that shows two cards running at 100G, with secure certificates that can be added with a simple GUI. Their IPSec-compatible solution is 100% offloaded to the FPGA card, bringing power down to 35 watts fully loaded traffic and latency under 1us. All these without requiring any end-user programming!

The SAFE100 is gaining a lot of attention because we’ve taken something that can be very complicated and made it very simple. It’s a no-brainer
Melissa Chambers, CEO of Sitehop

It’s an excellent low-power, low-latency solution that includes their Enterprise Network Management System (pictured).


Learn more on the Sitehop website, and if you are going to MWC, be sure to visit their booth in Hall 8!

Start Your Next SmartNIC Project with This

At BittWare, we’re big believers in saving customer’s development time through off-the-shelf IP that lets them focus on their unique application. We’re pleased to introduce a free, open-source, 100G NIC “starter” IP in Corundum, with support for our AMD- (formerly Xilinx) and Intel-based FPGA boards. Corundum is 100% open-source Verilog.

Not only free, but Corundum can also be used in commercial projects, and includes an excellent feature set as a starter for building a SmartNIC. Learn more about Corundum on the product page and get started accelerating your network packet processing projects today!

全新 200G 採集解決方案

需要在不聘請 FPGA 開發團隊的情況下將高頻寬數據捕獲到主機?來自Atomic Rules的新TK242為您提供從單個BittWare卡無損200G捕獲!兩個 100GbE 流通過 PCIe Gen4 x16 移動,隨時可以與您的主機應用程式連接 - 無需 FPGA 程式設計! 在產品頁面上瞭解更多資訊。


BittWare distributor Eastronics is hosted their Embedded Technologies Conference on January 25, 2023 in Israel. BittWare was represented with our latest FPGA acceleration boards featuring Intel® Agilex™ 7 devices.


在 2022 年即將結束之際,我們想分享一些我們發佈的新內容供您閱讀:一篇關於同態加密的文章和我們對用於神經網路推理的 FPGA 的概述。

我們還想分享我們今年發佈的一些產品和內容:AMD Xilinx Versal 卡、採用PCIe Gen5/CXL的英特爾 Agilex 卡以及我們不斷增長的合作夥伴IP和解決方案庫。

最後,我們的 HPC 網路研討會是一個很好的機會,可以在我們的 IA-840f 卡上看到 oneAPI,用於現實世界的 HPC 工作負載。

我們期待 2023 年有更多令人興奮的事情,並祝您在這個假期一切順利!

這種獨特的加密方法具有巨大的潛力,但隨著計算需求繁重,FPGA 能否説明推動採用?

閱讀有關使用 FPGA 器件進行神經網路推理的最新資訊,包括特定於供應商的優化。

了解我們採用 AMD Xilinx Versal Premium ACAP 的最新顯卡!我們有兩種用於薄型和全尺寸外形選項的卡:AX-840p 和 AX-440p

我們在英特爾敏捷 ® FPGA 支援的產品陣容中增加了支援 CXL 的 PCIe Gen5 卡:IA-860m、IA-640i 和 IA-440i。



借助我們的下一代英特爾敏捷 FPGA 顯卡 IA-860m、IA-640i 和 IA-440i,利用 PCIe Gen5 x16、CXL、DDR5 和 HBM2e。

我們的 Versal™ 搶先體驗計劃包括兩張 PCIe ACAP 卡,AX-840p 和 AX-440p每款產品均配備 AMD Xilinx Versal ACAP。


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