Sensor Processing

Acquire, process, act in a sensor-rich, interconnected world

A10PED closeup

Why BittWare for Sensor Processing?

Sensor processing has been a core market for BittWare for three decades. FPGAs are used extensively in applications such as test and instrumentation, 5G/ORAN, RADAR and many more.

Customized Solutions

Most sensor processing projects require customization, from a small add-on card for SDI video to full custom cards including non-PCIe form factors. BittWare has decades of experience providing these kinds of solutions for a wide range of industries.

A10PED card front closeup
custom card photo
RFX analog card
Closeup of video board front panel


With their inherent flexibility, modern FPGAs and SoCs are ideal for multi-channel sensor processing applications that can handle ultra-high data ingress and real-time processing requirements within SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) constrained application environments.

High-performance Image Processing

Bring in high-bandwidth sensor data using QSFPs or other interfaces to FPGAs featuring HBM2  (high-bandwidth memory). Pictured is the 520R-MX with optical receivers with 48× 10 Gb/s bandwidth.

Instrumention and Control

We can quickly customize using a daughtercard approach. This card adds an additional PCIe Gen3 x16 interface to the XUP-P3R and can facilitate additional custom interfaces including GPIO.

TeraBox 1000S with trigger module

ORAN Test & Instrumentation

We can customize and integrate at the server level too! This is a 5G test application used by Keysight Technologies that’s part of their ORAN test solution. The front panel includes the XUP-P3R with a customized trigger module.

RF & Software Radio

Need multichannel analog inputs and outputs? Our family of RFSoC-based cards include analog in/out connected to the powerful third-generation AMD RFSoC devices, all delivered in a convenient PCIe form factor. Digital I/O for sensor interfacing and system scalability allows customers to quickly build powerful signal processing solutions.

RADAR and SigInt

Cards like our XUP-VV8 have the highest network I/O density coupled directly to large FPGA memory and I/O resources. Our customization capability gives you even more options to build exactly the solution you need for RADAR and SigInt solutions.

Hardware Catered to Your Application

Take advantage of off-the-shelf, Enterprise-class FPGA product featuring a rich choice of customization options. Customers can quickly optimize and deploy advanced sensor processing platforms that meet your custom application requirements.

Multiple FPGA Vendors for Range of Features

BittWare is the only FPGA vendor-agnostic supplier of Enterprise-class product supporting the latest generation of devices from Achronix, Intel and Xilinx. Each brand offers a unique blend of logic resources, DSP blocks and embedded memories allowing customers to select the device best suited for their sensor processing requirements.

DSP slice block diagram
Memory bandwith and capacity curve graph

DDR4, HBM2 or QDR-II+ SRAM Memory

BittWare’s FPGA cards allow your application to access a range of memory types. Our latest generation of products feature DIMM sites that can be populated with a choice of DDR4 or QDR-II+ SRAM allowing an optimal hierarchy of deep buffer and cache-like memory configurations to be created. Some cards offer HBM2 or GDDR6 memories with 8GB or more and higher bandwidth than DDR4.


Digital GPIO and High-speed Serial I/O

We recognize that many sensor processing applications require a mix of I/O types and speeds. BittWare’s products feature multiple expansion ports allowing a range of peripherals to be integrated. These range from simple 1 PPS clock inputs and single-ended digital triggers, all the way through to additional high-speed network ports, direct NVMe access and card-to-card deterministic scaling.

Closeup of OCuLink cable and connector
Two XUP-P3R cards connected with flex cable

Card-to-Card Scaling

High-bandwidth, low latency card interconnect. Scale independently of the PCIe bus. Multiple cards support this, with XUP-P3R (pictured) connecting two boards; other cards can daisy-chain more than two cards.

Direct NVMe Access

Take advantage of our computational storage solutions for your sensor processing application. Stream sensor data directly to NVMe at full data rate, avoiding the PCIe bottleneck and unburdening the host OS.
illustration of sensor data flow through 250-SoC card

Custom Add-on Cards Tailored to Your Needs

Let us show you how customized variants or add-on boards let you rapidly develop a solution with a solid foundation—yet catered to your unique needs. For example, with the XUP-P3R card, we have many add-on cards adding PCIe, HD-SDI video, or more network ports.

Additional PCIe x16 interface


8x 12G-SDI video

XUP-P3R with video SEP card

Additional 4x QSFP28


High-Speed NVMe Data Capture and Recorder

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