About BittWare

Supplying Enterprise-Class FPGA Solutions

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Who We Are

BittWare provides enterprise-class compute, network, storage and sensor processing accelerator products featuring Achronix, Intel and Xilinx FPGA technology. These programmable products dramatically increase application performance and energy efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership.

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Our Products

Enterprise class products featuring Achronix, Intel and Xilinx FPGAs

BittWare has one of the largest FPGA product portfolios in the market. We offer a wide range of premium quality, production-ready FPGA cards with Achronix, Intel and Xilinx FPGAs. Develop and deploy your application quicker and with reduced cost and risk by having us integrate your FPGA cards into our certified, integrated FPGA servers.

We also provide a range of solutions to simplify application development on your BittWare FPGA card. Our solutions include development tools supporting HDL/HLS and OpenCL, system monitoring, and FPGA examples. These are optimized for specific applications such as data capture and networking acceleration.

Our Values

A customer-focused supplier

BittWare thrives on teamwork, quality and leadership. We work hard to understand our customers’ and the market’s needs, lead the industry in developing new technologies and build quality into our products and services.

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Our Team

A world-class multi-disciplinary team

A dynamic, growing company that sees its employees as its biggest asset, BittWare offers challenging work in an environment that is informal, supportive, and team-centered. Our customers constantly present us with new and challenging projects, and we work as a team to deliver what they need.

Complex products featuring advanced FPGA technology require a team of engineers, programmers, technicians and manufacturing process experts working together over a multi-month time frame. At BittWare, we have all of these resources and more within our organization: 

  • Application expertise: Compute, Network, Storage & Sensor Processing
  • Systems architecture
  • Hardware design, including advanced PCB materials and signal integrity 
  • Software design
  • FPGA design for Achronix, Intel and Xilinx devices
  • Application software, embedded processors and GUI design
  • Mechanical design and thermal analysis

Why BittWare?

BittWare, part of the Molex group of companies, has a 30-year track record of successfully designing and deploying advanced FPGA accelerator products. We are the only FPGA vendor-agnostic supplier of critical mass able to address enterprise-class qualification, validation, lifecycle and support requirements for customers deploying FPGA accelerators in high volumes.

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