Development Tools and IP

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Tools, IP Cores and More for Your FPGA Development Needs!

BittWare has put two decades of product design experience into creating a mature and robust suite of development tools that is tightly integrated with its FPGA products. These tools for system development and FPGA development shorten our customers’ learning curve while increasing their productivity, allowing them to reduce development costs and shorten their time to market.

FPGA Vendor Tools We Support

With a range of FPGAs on our products, we are pleased to also support several native development platforms from Achronix, AMD, and Intel.

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ACE Design Tools

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Quartus Design Software

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Vivado Design Suite

A Range of Development Tool Flows

From native HDL to the latest high-level software-driven tool flows, BittWare’s products support a variety of development needs.

New! Support for Intel oneAPI

The latest high-level tool flow from Intel is oneAPI, and BittWare is pleased to play a leading role in bringing support for this innovative development platform to FPGA solutions. Learn more and watch our exclusive oneAPI webinar with Intel (on demand recording) featuring a 2D FFT demo.

BittWare Software Development Kit (SDK)

A core benefit to BittWare FPGA products is our software: the BittWare SDK. The SDK works alongside card-specific features like Card Support Packages (CSPs) and Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs).

BittWorks II Toolkit

BittWorks II Toolkit provides software support for BittWare’s UltraScale+ and Arria 10 FPGA cards.