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FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) can race through computations in parallel that CPUs can’t match in bandwidth, speed, or efficiency. FPGAs are everywhere today, from embedded IoT devices to high-density datacenters. BittWare focuses on the largest, most powerful FPGAs for network packet processing (NPP), high-performance computing (HPC), and signal processing.

Network Packet Processing (NPP)

High Performance Computing (HPC)

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Industries We Serve

Today’s FPGAs are so versatile that any industry working with digital data can take advantage of the acceleration, low-latency transfers, and signal processing of our products.


Compute Acceleration, Packet Processing

Broadcast & Video

High-definition, Compression, Content Distribution


Cybersecurity, Legal Intercept, Code Breaking


High Frequency Trading, Financial Analytics


Radar/Sonar, Electronic Warfare


Data Acq. & Control, Test & Measurement, Life Sciences