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StreamSurge Network Test

We show two XUP-P3R FPGA boards running StreamSurge, which is a network test application we are making available for our customers.

Liquid-Cooled FPGA Boards

See four 300+ AMP liquid-cooled FPGA cards in a TeraBox server.

Liquid Cooling at 320A

Live demo from the SC18 show; we brought an XUPVVP board with liquid cooling installed, running out power test load at 320A FPGA core power.

OpenCL on Intel Stratix 10

Presentation from the Supercomputing event including a case study from Paderborn University.

Close-up with Xilinx VU13P

Unboxing the extremely large VU13P Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA. It's got 50% more logic than even the XUP-P3R's VU9P.

A10SA4 with Intel Arria 10

With a powerful Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA, BittWare's A10SA4 offers powerful acceleration in a low-profile form factor.

TeraBox X5000TT Expansion Chassis

In-depth look at this unusual solution for connecting dozens of FPGAs to a single host.

BWNN White Paper Preview

Preview of the BWNN white paper you can find in the Resources section of the BittWare website.

Find/Replace Demo on A10PL4

Demo of find/replace acceleration using IP from Axonerve, running on the Intel Arria 10-based A10PL4 card.

Liquid Cooling 8× Cards

Carlos shows how we can install eight XUP-VV4 cards including liquid cooling in a single TeraBox server—and monitor them remotely.

e4 FPGA Chassis from LDA Technologies

Sergey from LDA Technologies takes us through the unique 1U e4 FPGA server.

Sample Applications