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NoLoad® Transparent Compression

Plug-and-Play Hardware Compression

IA-440i PCIe card
IA-220-U2 U.2 module

Available as Plug-and-Play Add-In Card or U.2 Module

Compression That's Simple to Add to Your Application with No Software Changes

40× Faster

Write to storage 40× faster while keeping the same compression ratio as software

Low CPU Usage

By accelerating in hardware, CPU usage is cut by 1/5th

Easy + Simple

Plug-in a Card or Module and Instantly Your Application is Using Hardware Compressed Storage

The Smart Way to Reduce Storage Costs

What is NoLoad®?

NoLoad CSP block diagram

NoLoad is a Computational Storage Processor (CSP) with Computational Storage Services (CSS) such as Transparent Compression

Created by Eideticom, and running on BittWare hardware, NoLoad CSPs are a combination of IP and hardware centered around accelerating storage. NoLoad is designed for several core features:

  • CPU offload (the “NoLoad” comes in here)
  • Software-defined hardware; users get a bitstream and don’t need to do complex FPGA programming
  • High-performance Computational Storage Services (CSS) like compression, analytics, or deduplication handle compute-intensive data manipulation tasks on data flowing through or data at rest.
  • Easy end-user application integration with a Linux filesystem change (NoLoad stacked file system) that lets the application get NoLoad acceleration with no application code changes. Alternatively, a user-space library also available for users wanting no OS changes.

You can think of NoLoad as a framework that orchestrates a number of acceleration features like compression. Some use cases will utilize multiple acceleration features together. Because it’s software-defined hardware, building optimized systems doesn’t require an FPGA engineering team.

Adding a NoLoad CSP to existing storage systems is easy with a range of form factors including low-profile PCIe add-in-cards and U.2 modules. One or two of these then accelerate arrays of flash memory drives. All data movement is over native NVMe with high-performance peer-to-peer transfers.

What is Transparent Compression?

Transparent Compression Block Diagram

Transparent Compression is a Computational Storage Service (CSS) for NoLoad CSPs

Running on a range of modules and add-in-cards, the Transparent Compression IP is a CSS component of the NoLoad CSP. It provides compression services for the host application. When the hardware is implemented using the NoLoad filesystem (NoLoad FS), the user’s application doesn’t need to be modified to take advantage of the hardware compression offload.

Performance Comparison

NoLoad Transparent Compression is compared to software (CPU-based) compression and no compression.

Throughput (MB/s)

NoLoad read/write throughput comparison to software

Compression Ratio

NoLoad vs software compression comparison

The dataset used was Big Data (TeraGen), and the server utilized two IA-220-U2 acceleration modules. Compression was LZ4.

Benchmark results for Eideticom NoLoad solution on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Altera Agilex 7 FPGA accelerator cards. Data sourced from Eideticom.

Bar chart


99% reduction in CPU cores used

36% reduction in total power

Demo Video

Watch Transparent Compression in Action!

PCIe performance specifications

Example: Reducing Storage Costs

How does NoLoad Transparent Compression reduce storage costs at a system level? We compare a system of 192TB SSDs with software compression versus adding two NoLoad Transparent Compression modules.

Without Transparent Compression

With NoLoad Transparent Compression

Two storage servers stacked

2× Dual-CPU Servers

Software Compression (4× CPUs required to handle load)

Single storage server

1× Single CPU Server

With 2× NoLoad Modules

90% Lower Total Cost

2× Throughput Per Server

60% Lower Power

Deployment Hardware

NoLoad runs on a range of FPGA-based accelerators from BittWare:

Sales Part Numbers

These part numbers order the configuration with NoLoad® pre-installed.

Part NumberDescription
IA-440i-0017Low-profile PCIe card
IA-220-U2-0002U.2 module

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