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Built on BittWare: a 100G IPsec Accelerator

This week at MWC be sure to visit Sitehop as they have launched “The world’s first 100Gbps AES256GCM security solution with the fastest nanosecond encryption latency” using BittWare COTS FPGA cards.

Their SAFE100 solution provides an easy way to get multiple 100G encrypted network connections. The solution is based on BittWare COTS accelerators, giving Sitehop a distinct advantage in the market with a solid, reliable hardware platform for their customers. They are able to focus on the firmware design, which focuses on low latency, low power, and ease of use.

How easy? They released a demo video that shows two cards running at 100G, with secure certificates that can be added with a simple GUI. Their IPSec-compatible solution is 100% offloaded to the FPGA card, bringing power down to 35 watts fully loaded traffic and latency under 1us. All these without requiring any end-user programming!

The SAFE100 is gaining a lot of attention because we’ve taken something that can be very complicated and made it very simple. It’s a no-brainer
Melissa Chambers, CEO of Sitehop

It’s an excellent low-power, low-latency solution that includes their Enterprise Network Management System (pictured).


Learn more on the Sitehop website, and if you are going to MWC, be sure to visit their booth in Hall 8!

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