32GB HBM, High-Speed I/O, and PCIe Gen5

AMD's Next-Gen Programmable Hardware

The AMD Xilinx Versal Adaptive SoCs integrate networked, power-optimized cores on an adaptable platform for the most challenging compute and networking applications.

  • 7nm Architecture: Versal Premium architecture combines high bandwidth and compute density on an adaptable platform.
  • 800GBps Memory Bandwidth: A hardened memory NoC supports ultra-high memory bandwidth at over 800 TBps using HBM2e.
  • PCIe Gen5 Support: Data transfer speeds 2x faster than Gen4, and high-speed interface between CPUs and workload accelerators.

Versal Premium Video

7nm Architecture

The latest generation 7nm architecture combines adaptable compute engines with a breadth of hardened memory and interfacing technologies for superior performance/watt over competing 10nm FPGAs.

800GBps Memory Bandwidth

The Versal Premium HBM series features in-package HBM2e providing up to 819 GBps memory bandwidth and 32 GB capacity to minimize power, area, and latency for compute-intens.ive applications

PCIe Gen5 Support

PCIe Gen5 supports data transfer speeds 2x higher than PCIe Gen4, providing greater performance capabilities to developers of PC interconnect, graphics adapters, and chip-level communications. 

In Partnership with

Brought to market in partnership with LDA Technologies, the AV-860h is a PCIe Gen5 accelerator card designed to deliver extreme performance for data center and edge compute workloads.

Generation 5.0

Double the Bandwidth!

Built with the latest PCIe Gen5 interface, the AV-860h can transfer up to twice the bandwidth of Gen4 devices.

Flexible Expansion IO

The AV-860h offers a range of  I/O flexibility to meet your application needs:

  • Eight ARC6-16 connectors connected to Adaptive SoC via 64 SerDes channels
  • Connect to I/O expansion cards from LDA Technologies

Inquire about customized LDA expansion cards as required for your application.

Ultra High-Speed Memory

With in-package HBM2e, the AV-860h provides ultra high-speed memory for compute-intensive workloads

  • 32GB HBM in-package memory for 

AV-860h Block Diagram, Data Sheet and Specifications

Board Specifications

Adaptive SoC

  • Versal Premium
    • XCVH1582
    • Core speed grade - 2
    • 32 GB HBM

On-Board flash

  • Flash memory for booting FPGA

External memory

  • 32GB LPDDR4 @ 4266MHz -or- 64GB LPDDR4 @ 3733MHz

Host interface

  • PCIe x8 Gen5 interface direct to FPGA, connected to PCIe Hard IP

I/O Expansion

  • 8x ARC6-16 connectors for I/O expansion
  • Connected to FPGA via 64x SerDes channels
    • 48x GTYP
    • 16x GTM


  • ARC6-8 connector connected to FPGA via 4x SerDes channels


  • 2x Jitter cleaners for network recovered clocking


  • USB access to BMC, USB-JTAG, USB-UART

Board Management Controller

  • Onboard CLI
  • Python, C++ API
  • 200 Mbps parallel port connected to the FPGA fabric and the NOC
  • USB SD Card Reader for simple OS images transfer to ARM processors
  • Fast FPGA Boot Flash programming
  • Temperature, voltage, current monitoring
  • SNMP agent for centralized management
  • Dedicated preprogrammed array of 32 MAC addresses
  • I/O ports monitoring. Full QSFP, SFP, QSFP-DD access and programming through CLI and API
  • CLI-based clock selection supporting custom clock configurations


  • Standard: dual-width passive heatsink


  • On-board power derived from 12V PCIe slot and 2x AUX connectors
  • Power dissipation is application dependent


  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C

Form factor

  • Standard-height, 3/4-length, dual-width PCIe card
  • 10 x 4.37 inches (254 x 111.15 mm)

Development Tools

Application development

  • Supported design flows -Vivado Design Suite (HDL, Verilog, VHDL, etc.)

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