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High-Performance Network Security: MACsec and IPsec on Altera™ FPGAs

Performance Options Include 100G+ on MACsec and 200G+ on IPsec

Now Available On Demand

Do you need MACsec or IPsec at line rates beyond 10 Gb/s? Getting there has just gotten easier with hardware accelerators from BittWare + IP from Xiphera and powered by Agilex 7 FPGAs from Altera! We’re talking all about it on our webinar that’s a recording of a previous event (including Q&A from the live event).

What you’ll learn:

  • Use cases for point-to-point (MACsec) and over IP networks (IPsec)
  • Performance of Xiphera’s implementation in a variety of situations and line rates up to 200 Gb/s
  • Standards supported
  • Ease of implementation: hardware interface in development tools
  • Supported BittWare board options


Seth Reinhart, Altera

Craig Petrie, BittWare

Tommi Lampila, Xiphera