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Introducing VectorPath S7t-VG6 Accelerator Card

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In this webinar, Achronix® and Bittware will discuss the growing trends of using PCIe based FPGA accelerator cards in high-performance applications. You will learn about a new S7t-VG6 VectorPath™ accelerator card produced in collaboration between BittWare and Achronix. The S7t-VG6 VectorPath accelerator card is the first card that leverages advanced 7nm TSMC process technology and advanced connectivity features such as 400G Ethernet, GDDR6 memory and a flexible OCulink expansion ports. After attending the webinar you will understand the market trends driving the adoption of PCIe accelerator cards, see how you can leverage this technology in your application and get the details on the new high-performance VectorPath accelerator card from Bittware and Achronix.

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