Evaluating Versal ACAPs?

BittWare’s Versal Early Access program is a great way to get started with what’s possible for these next-gen devices.

AMD's Next-Gen Programmable Hardware

The AMD Xilinx Versal ACAPs integrate networked, power-optimized cores on an adaptable platform for the most challenging compute and networking applications.

  • 7nm Architecture: Versal Premium architecture combines high bandwidth and compute density on an adaptable platform.
  • PCIe Gen5 Support: Data transfer speeds 2x faster than Gen4, and high-speed interface between CPUs and workload accelerators.

Versal Premium Video

7nm Architecture

The latest generation 7nm architecture combines adaptable compute engines with a breadth of hardened memory and interfacing technologies for superior performance/watt over competing 10nm FPGAs.

PCIe Gen5 Support

PCIe Gen5 supports data transfer speeds 2x higher than PCIe Gen4, providing greater performance capabilities to developers of PC interconnect, graphics adapters, and chip-level communications. 

Versal Early Access

Join the Program

BittWare is asking for interested parties to provide feedback on their needs that include the latest adaptive compute devices from AMD. We have product concepts and wish to collaborate on building what’s most needed in today’s market.

Please reach out to us for further discussion!

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