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Looking for SmartNIC on a low-profile board? Or do you need a larger logic footprint or perhaps HBM2 memory for your application? Our board solutions include any of the UltraScale+ boards (including low-profile with HBM2) on our Xilinx PCIe boards page linked here ↗.

SmartNIC Shell:
Jumpstart your 100G NIC project

While there are some 100G FPGA-enabled NICs commercially available, few offer any significant level of customization at the hardware level.

For those who desire such customization, we’ve introduced SmartNIC Shell—a solution designed to combine high-performance hardware (XUPP3R) with a solid suite of 100G NIC IP, including features like TimeServo for precision timestamping, dual-channel DDR4 FIFO for line-rate buffering, and DPDK (via Arkville) on up to two Gen3 x16 PCIe interfaces for standards-based host interaction at high bandwidth.

StreamSurge 100G network load testing

Do you need a solution without doing your own hardware customization? We also provide network products that are designed for end-users such as StreamSurge, a 100G network load tester built on the same IP and hardware as SmartNIC.
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Quickly deploy FPGA-accelerated:

Network Functions (NFV)

Network Monitoring

Specialized Packet Broker

Your Custom IP

Key Features

Quickly Build 100G NICs

Focus your attention on your unique application, instead of re-inventing a NIC.

TimeServo Timestamping

Precision time stamping including TimeServo 1588-compatible clock adjustments.

Match/Action Pipeline

Ultra-low latency pattern matching with DPDK-compatible L2 filter. User-configurable or use as a basis for further customization.


Using two banks of DDR4 for dropless, full speed 100 GbE DRAM buffer


Standardized kernel bypass for host interaction over PCIe. Using optional SEP-to-PCIe accessory users can add a second Gen3 x16 PCIe interface for additional bandwidth.

Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA

Large, powerful FPGA with ample room for user IP. Road map includes low-profile boards.

Block Diagram

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Upcoming Capabilities

We are targeting further BittWare boards for SmartNIC Shell compatibility, including low-profile cards and our upcoming FPGA boards with HBM2 integrated memory. We are also adding functionality to several of the IP areas including the match/action pipeline for additional off-the-shelf capabilities. Get in touch with us to learn more about future plans.