UltraScale+ FPGA PCIe Board with 4x QSFP-DDs

8x 100GbE Network Ports and VU9P/13P FPGA


The XUP-VV8 offers a large AMD FPGA in a 3/4-length PCIe board featuring QSFP-DD (double-density) cages for maximum port density. Using the Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P or VU9P FPGA, the board supports up to 8x 100GbE or 32x 10/25GbE.

The FPGA provides large logic and memory resources—up to 3.8M logic cells and 455Mb embedded memory. The board also provides a jitter cleaner to support synchronous ethernet. The board can be configured as single width for users who don’t need external memory on the DIMMs.

Key Features

Four QSFP-DD for up to 8x 100GbE

Up to 512 GBytes DDR4 SDRAM

Up to 3.8M Logic Cells

Now available:

Ultra low latency VU9P SCD 4821

Need a Customized Variant?

The XUP-VV8 is also available with the Ultra low latency VU9P SCD 4821, ideal for HFT applications. Not exactly what you’re looking for? Talk to us about your exact needs as we can quickly build additional variants.

Man holding card design concept

Block Diagram, Data Sheet and Specifications

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Request the Hardware Reference Guide (HRG)

The HRG gives you much more detail about the card such as block diagrams, tables and descriptions.



  • Virtex UltraScale+
  • VU9P or VU13P in D2104 package
  • Core speed grade - 2
  • Contact BittWare for other FPGA options

On-board Flash

  • Flash memory for booting FPGA

External memory

  • 4 DIMM sites, each supporting:
    • Up to 128 GBytes DDR4 x72 with ECC
    • Up to 576 Mbits dual QDR-II+ x18 (2 independent 288 Mbit banks)

Host interface

  • x16 Gen3 interface direct to FPGA

USB ports

  • Micro USB: access to BMC, FPGA JTAG, and FPGA UART


  • 1 PPS input and 10MHz clock input


  • 2 OCuLink on rear edge, each connected to FPGA via 4x GTY transceivers

QSFP cages

  • 4 QSFP-DD cages on front panel
  • Each supports 2x 100GbE, 2x 40GbE, 8x 25GbE, or 8x 10GbE
  • Jitter cleaner for network recovered clocking

Board Management Controller

  • Voltage, current, temperature monitoring
  • Power sequencing and reset
  • Field upgrades
  • FPGA configuration and control
  • Clock configuration
  • I2C bus access
  • USB 2.0
  • Voltage overrides


  • Standard: dual-width passive heatsink
  • Optional: single-width passive heatsink*


  • On-board power derived from 12V PCIe slot & two AUX connectors (8-pin)
  • Power dissipation is application dependent


  • Operating temperature 5°C to 35°C

Form factor

  • 3/4-length, standard-height PCIe dual-width board
  • Single-width option*
  • 10 x 4.37 inches (254 x 111.15 mm)

Development Tools

System development

  • BittWorks II Toolkit - host, command, and debug tools for BittWare hardware

FPGA development

  • FPGA Examples - example Vivado projects, available with the BittWorks II Toolkit
  • AMD Tools - Vivado® Design Suite
* Available on boards with no external memory

r0 v0

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