400G + PCIe Gen5

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The AMD Xilinx Versal ACAPs integrate networked, power-optimized cores on an adaptable platform for the most challenging compute and networking applications.

  • 7nm Architecture: Versal Premium architecture combines high bandwidth and compute density on an adaptable platform.
  • PCIe Gen5 Support: Data transfer speeds 2x faster than Gen4, and high-speed interface between CPUs and workload accelerators.

Versal Premium Video

7nm Architecture

The latest generation 7nm architecture combines adaptable compute engines with a breadth of hardened memory and interfacing technologies for superior performance/watt over competing 10nm FPGAs.

PCIe Gen5 Support

PCIe Gen5 supports data transfer speeds 2x higher than PCIe Gen4, providing greater performance capabilities to developers of PC interconnect, graphics adapters, and chip-level communications. 

Generation 5.0

Double the Bandwidth!

Built with the latest PCIe Gen5 interface, the AX-840p can transfer up to twice the bandwidth of Gen4 devices.

Enterprise-class for Deployment

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The AX-840p is built on BittWare’s enterprise-class foundation stones: existing products and processes that are already proven through extensive validation. When it’s time to ramp to production, this means a faster turnaround and utilizing the same hardware you have been using for development.

AX-840p Block Diagram, Data Sheet and Specifications *

* Preliminary Specifications. Request to join our Versal early access program to learn more about configuration options.

Board Specifications


  • Versal Premium VP1502/VP1202
    • Core speed grade -2
  • Contact BittWare for other ACAP options

On-Board flash

  • Flash memory for booting ACAP

External memory

  • 2 DIMM sites, each supporting up to 128 GBytes DDR4 x72 with ECC

Host interface

  • Dual x8 Gen5 interfaces direct to ACAP, connected to PCIe Hard IP

QSFP-DD cages

  • 2x QSFP-DD cages on front panel each supporting:
    • 1x 400GbE, 2x 200GbE, 4x 100GbE, 8x 50GbE
    • Multi-rate hard MAC
  • Jitter cleaner for network recovered clocking


  • x8 connector supporting 2x Gen5 x4 PCIe

External clocking

  • 1 PPS and 10MHz ref clk front panel inputs (optional)


  • USB access to BMC, USB-JTAG, USB-UART

Board Management Controller

  • Power sequencing and reset
  • Voltage, current, temperature monitoring
    • Protection shut-down
  • Clock configuration
  • Low bandwidth BMC-FPGA comms with SPI link
  • USB 2.0
  • PLDM support
  • Card-level security
    • BMC Root of Trust
    • BMC and FPGA secure boot
    • BMC and FPGA secure upgrade
    • Key management


  • Standard: dual-width passive heatsink
  • Optional: liquid cooling (contact BittWare)


  • On-board power derived from 12V PCIe slot and 2 AUX connectors (8-pin)
  • Power dissipation is application dependent


  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C

Form factor

  • 3/4-length, standard-height PCIe dual-width board
  • Size: 10 x 4.37 inches (254 x 111.15 mm)

Development Tools

System development

  • BittWare SDK including PCIe driver, libraries, and board monitoring utilities

Application development

  • Supported design flows - Vivado Design Suite (HDL, Verilog, VHDL, etc.)

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