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Cloud FPGA Development

Start Developing Today with Intel Agilex 7 FPGAs

A Better Cloud-Based Acceleration Platform

Whether you’re accessing services as an end user, or are looking to add your application to our offerings, moving application acceleration to VMAccel’s cloud is a great choice.

Add Your Accelerating Workload to VMAccel​


Your customers know FPGAs are expensive, but often the best way to get an application running at top performance.

Why no offer them a no-upfront cost model that also offloads facility and maintenance costs? The VMAccel infrastructure leverages very efficient datacenter building technology that gives you the lowest cost to 


FPGAs as a Service aren’t new, but others offer a limited, one-size-fits all approach. That’s not a good match for FPGAs, where we want to have flexibility like multiple card options and different levels of hardware access.


When it’s time to expand, whether that looks like more cloud resources or building an on-prem solution, VMAccel offers fast scale-up capability. What’s even better is the same technology they put into their cloud datacenters can be built on- or near-prem! This gives your customers peace of mind as their needs grow.

Cloud or On-Prem

Advanced Datacenter Infrastructure

VMAccel now offers BittWare FPGA accelerator cards in their cloud-based solutions. For development, this means you can get access to hardware in minutes, without large CAPEX or procurement.

For deployment, this opens up a range of possibilities including your application as a cloud service or rapid deployment of private/on-prem infrastructure using the advanced efficiency and flexibility of VMAccel.

Tapping the Power of BittWare + VMAccel

Cloud Development

Procuring high-end FPGA cards can be a significant up-front expense, plus lead time for specialized hardware. Instead, get started on BittWare’s advanced FPGA PCIe cards today, and only spend what you need using a flexible service fee model from VMAccel.

Your App as a Service

Developing IP that you intend to market to a range of customers? Rely on a trusted provider of Acceleration-as-a-Service, VMAccel, running on the world’s most powerful FPGA accelerators from BittWare.

On-Prem Deployment

VMAccel datacenters employ advanced efficiency techniques and are designed specifically for the high-performance accelerators, like FPGAs, that BittWare offers.

As a solutions provider, VMAccel can customize the buildout plan to exactly your needs today and in the future.

Meet Your New Dev Card Portfolio

BittWare IA-420f

Equipped with ultra-powerful Altera Agilex 7 FPGA, xxGB DDR4 memory, and PCIe Gen4 x16. Optional features include QSFP-DD access.

BittWare IA-840f

Need something more powerful? The BittWare IA-840f has a larger FPGA + more DDR4 memory and optional networking.

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