Key Features

  • 8-lane PCIe Gen 3
  • Single-width PCIe card
  • Passively cooled
  • Intel Arria 10 FPGA
  • Six SFP+ network ports
  • Supports CPRI rates up to 10Gbps


The 385A-SFP is a PCIe accelerator card designed to address a range of compute intensive and latency-critical applications:

  • Macrocell monitoring
  • Macrocell inline digital RF filtering
  • RF interference monitoring across CPRI
  • CRAN monitoring using multiple cards across the PCIe bus
  • Backhaul monitoring of Ethernet traffic
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Video Transcoding
  • Medical Imaging

Board Specifications

Form Factor

  • Full-height, half-length, single width PCI Express card
  • 167.6mm x 110.9 mm x 17mm

Host Interface

  • 8-lane PCI-Express Gen 3.0
  • Actual performance is host computer chipset and operating system dependent


  • Intel Arria-10 10AX115 F40 package
  • Default configuration: GX 1150
  • Core speed grade -2, I/O speed grade -3
  • Contact Nallatech for other FPGA options


  • Two banks of DDR3 SDRAM x 72 bits
  • 4GB per bank (8GB total or 16 GB versions also available)
  • 2133MT/s per bank (4266MT/s total)

Application Development

  • Supports HDL design flow


  • On-card power derived from the host motherboard PCIe slot
  • Power dissipation is application dependent
  • Typical power consumption ~30W
  • Card designed to deliver up to 75W power consumption


  • Manufactured to ISO9001:2008 IPC-A-610-Class III
  • RoHS compliant

Power Supply Monitoring & Reporting

  • On-board Intel USB Blaster II
  • Power and temperature monitoring

Six SFP+ Network Ports

  • Supports 1/10Gb Ethernet, Fiber Channel & CPRI rates up to 10 Gbps
  • SFP+ ports clocked by up to four independent sources
  • SFP+ optional clocking: user programmable via I2C
  • Optional flexible low jitter clocking supports multiple telecom standards
  • Others options: external clock input, 1PPS


  • single ended and differential GPIO connector


  • Standard: single-width active heatsink (embedded fan)
  • Optional: single-width passive heatsink


  • Cooling: Air convection
  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C


  • 385A-SFP FPGA card
  • USB cable (back panel access)
  • Built-In-Self-Test (BIST)
  • OpenCL “HPC” Board Support Package (BSP)*
  • 1-year access to online support lounge
  • 1-year hardware warranty


  • Technical specifications (e.g. FPGA type, size, external memory capacity etc.) can be modified to meet the exact needs of commercial customer applications as off-the-shelf product available to the general market

Integrated servers

BittWare accelerator cards are available pre-integrated in server platforms from leading vendors

Application optimization

BittWare provides consultancy services assisting customers in the porting, optimization and benchmarking of applications executed on Nallatech FPGA accelerators