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LMS Demos PCIe 5.0 on Agilex-powered ÜberNIC at Intel Vision 2023

LMS UberNIC demo at Intel Vision 2023 show
Closeup of two UberNIC cards
We’re glad to see Liquid-Markets-Solutions (LMS) demonstrating their ÜberNIC, the first PCIe 5.0 and CXL-capable NIC running at the Intel® Vision 2023 event. Thanks to Micaela Whalen with Intel® for posting a clip of ÜberNIC running and reporting this was “the only Intel Agilex-based demo at the show.”

Built on BittWare hardware, ÜberNIC has some impressive performance numbers thanks to moving the entire network stack into the FPGA. We’ve got more details on the ÜberNIC product page.

It’s worth noting that for the demo, LMS also uses another BittWare card to run their Naros.TaSR testing and simulation solution. This can profile network-attached devices and systems, making Naros.TaSR ideally suited to quantify latency and throughput capabilities of various solutions. Both the Naros.TaSR and ÜberNIC cards were build by BittWare and feature Intel® Agilex® 7 FPGAs.

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