FPGA solutions powered by BittWare hardware.

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BittWare and its customers and partners offer a range of solutions that integrate FPGA and related technology for applications in compute, network, storage and sensor processing. Learn more about these solutions below, or click here to get in touch with us.


PROVA-C 100G Network Test

by Siama Systems

Designed around the needs of communications service providers (CSPs), network equipment OEMs and enterprise data centers who need 100G test at a price point to allow deployment at multiple points in the network.

compute + storage

SEAL Recommendation Engine


BittWare is working with to bring their AI capabilities to form factors like M.2 for Yosemite servers.


MAU Accelerator


The MAU Accelerator IP brings ultra-low latency, high-throughput ML inference for financial training models.


NoLoad Computational Storage Processor (CSP)

by Eideticom

Eideticom’s NoLoad IP enables computational storage on a number of BittWare cards and modules.


Open RAN Studio 5G Test and Validation Platform

by Keysight

Working with BittWare to create a custom expansion module for the XUP-P3R, Keysight uses this card in our TeraBox 1000S as part of their Open RAN Studio solution.

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