We’re at SC23 in Denver

This week we’re in Denver at the SC23 event, showing FPGA Accelerator solutions, including new cards and some exciting partner demos! Stop by to see Atomic Rules PCIe 5 data movement solutions, Liquid Market Solutions (LMS) running the UberNIC live with CXL,  AI accelerator solutions from EdgeCortix and Groq, Genomics Acceleration featuring examples from Intel and Wasai, and Cloud Datacenter solutions from VMAccel!

We’re showing our IA-860m Agilex card, which is shipping this quarter. And we’re also showing two new Versal cards in partnership with LDA Technologies.

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BittWare at STAC NY

This week we are in New York at the STAC Exchange Fall event, showing solutions for financial acceleration. Stop by to see the Liquid-Markets-Solutions (LMS) running the ÜberNIC live with CXL!

We’re also showing AI solutions from Groq and, compression acceleration from Eideticom, and our latest FPGA cards.

文章比较 DDR4 和 DDR5

阅读我们的最新文章,比较 DDR4 模块和新 DDR5 的性能。很高兴看到未来将如何带来更高性能的 DDR5,同时也能了解 HBM2e 等更高性能选项的比较情况。


我们本周将参加 FMS,展示我们最新的计算存储加速产品。我们最近发布了两款具有 M.2 存储和 MCIO 扩展功能的 I 系列卡,如果您在展会上,一定要和我们聊聊!734 号展位。

VectorPath 卡符合 PCIe 5.0 x16 PCI-SIG 标准

作为我们 PCIe 5.0 加速卡产品线的一部分,VectorPath S7t-VG6 现已通过 PCI-SIG Gen5 x16 认证,并被列入集成商名单。该卡采用Achronix Speedster7t FPGA和高性能GDDR6内存。如需了解更多信息,请访问 EEJournal,或访问我们的S7t-VG6 产品页面

在 PCI-SIG 网站上列出

访问 PCI-SIG 网站集成商列表部分,查看 Achronix 列表。