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Trading Infrastructure

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service for instant and simplified market access

Financial market solutions

Ultra-Low Latency Connectivity

BittWare partner TNS is the first to offer a globally available Layer 1 solution for data and exchange access — 10x faster than traditional layer 3. It is the first financial infrastructure not aligned with a market data vendor or normalized competitors.

TNS’ innovative infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions help organizations who need network connections for critical transactions. This ultra-low latency trading infrastructure gives firms the counterparty connectivity, global market data feeds, managed hosting, and colocation services they need to maximize uptime, reduce time to market, and lower cost and risks.

Single Vendor Solution for Global Trading Infrastructure

Ultra-Low Latency

Lowest-available mutualized connectivity latency to exchanges. Layer 1 solution with 5-85ns latency – 10x faster than traditional layer 3

Global Network

TNS’ dedicated servers allow direct low latency access through any TNS data center globally to TNS’ extensive financial community of more than 2,800 endpoints.

One-Stop Solution

TNS is an ultra-nimble vendor offering flexible amortization options

Global trading participants, including global and regional banks and other participants, rely on TNS to directly access global markets and address trading operations challenges. TNS financial market solutions connect global trading participants to each other and to the world’s exchanges through their global, resilient, ultra-low latency connectivity managed hosting and market data offerings.

Nimble, Secure, Direct Exchange Access

MSAs with over 3500 financial firms

24/7 monitoring and support

MT4 server farm for virtual private cloud

Provides extra security coverage

Native IP multicast

Proprietary software solution with native 100G capture

Direct access to global exchanges

Dedicated servers with direct low latency access through any TNS data center globally

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