RFSoC Data Acquisition Card:

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Multi-channel Direct RF Sampling on a PCIe Card

The BittWare RFX-8440A data acquisition card features the third generation AMD Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC. This data acquisition solution is capable of addressing a wide frequency spectrum – a critical need for applications such as 5G, LTE wireless, phased array RADAR and satellite communications. 

The RFX-8440A transfers digital data over OCuLink or QSFP at twice the rate of RFSoC cards that move data only over PCIe.
The RFX-8440A does not require any power or signals from a PCIe slot. However, unlike our L-Band variant, the RFX-8440A is usually deployed inside a server.  In this configuration it is wired to a dual 100 GbE NIC or to a separate FPGA card like our IA-440i. BittWare can deliver the RFX-8440A in a standard server or a chassis enclosure which provides power, cooling and interface to the RFX-8440A via RJ45.

4 Channel Analog In/Out

Tapping three decades of experience in designing sensor processing cards, BittWare’s analog front-end seamlessly crosses between analog and digital at up to S-Band rates.

Do More in the Digital Domain

At the center of the RFX-8440A is the latest generation single-chip RFSoC from Xilinx, the Zynq ZU43. This device is designed to bring together multi-channel data conversion and processing on a single chip.

"Now with complete coverage of sub-6GHz spectrum bands available as a readily-deployable PCIe card from BittWare, customers are able to gain a competitive advantage by accelerating the design and development of their next-gen wireless systems today."
David Brubaker
Senior product line manager, Wired and Wireless Group, Xilinx

RFX-8440A PCIe card, shown with optional dual QSFP28 connectors. The RFX-8440A is designed to work in a host system or standalone.

Looking for RF Performance Specs?

Request the RFX-8440 RF Performance Specifications Document

Analog Front End Options

The analog front end provides a direct connection with baluns supporting up to 4 GHz. The difference between the 3 and 4 GHz options is the balun transformer. The 3 GHz transformer offers slightly better, low frequency performance for customers who do not need the full 4 GHz top end.

Direct 3 GHz Balun

Direct 4 GHz Balun

Transmit Side Block Diagram

Transmit side block diagram RFX-8440A

Looking for L-Band?

Check out our RFX-8440L variant.

The RFX-8440 is available in two variants: the RFX-8440L and the RFX-8440A. RFX-8440L is a direct RF transceiver that can connect directly to an L-Band antenna to process signals. RFX-8440A is a data acquisition card that seamlessly crosses between analog and digital at up to S-Band rates.

4 Channel Analog In/Out

We’ve designed the critical analog circuitry to match the performance needs for a clean signal to/from the RFSoC’s 14-bit interfaces. Our heritage in high-performance analog PCB design spans three decades as a core strength for BittWare.

Powered by Third-Generation Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

At the heart of the RFX-8440A card is the Zynq ZU43 RFSoC: a powerful single-chip adaptable radio platform providing up to 6 GHz of direct RF sampling. With a multi-element processing system: FPGA, real-time dual-core ARM and a second quad-core ARM, this RFSoC has what it takes to acquire, process and act on RF signals.

Tap a slide for more details on the RFSoC from Xilinx:

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Digital I/O

Expansion Options With up to 200 Gb/s Bandwidth

200 Gbps of digital I/O is available on the FPGA side of the RFSoC. That is twice the bandwidth of RFSoC implementations that depend on PCIe for data transfer. This I/O is available on a single, 8x OCuLink port, a popular connector used inside a chassis. We also offer an add-on that provides the same signals through two QSFP28 cages, the most popular connector between chassis. Customers have implemented transports using Aurora, Ethernet MAC frames, and UDP.

Getting digital data to/from the RFSoC is easy with the OCuLink 8× 25 Gb/s interface. You can connect to NVMe storage (using our Data Recorder IP), other BittWare FPGA cards for further processing, a CPU host, or let us design a custom interface card for your need. 

Using OCuLink to Connect to Other Cards for Further Processing
Optional Card Configuration with Dual QSFP28s

Block Diagram, Data Sheet and Specifications


shown with optional dual QSFPs

Want More Details?

Request the Hardware Reference Guide (HRG)

The HRG gives you much more detail about the card such as block diagrams, tables and descriptions.

Board Specifications


  • Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC
    • XCZU43 in an E1156 package
    • Core speed grade -2
  • Contact BittWare for other FPGA options


  • Two analog configurations available:
    • Direct 3 GHz Balun
    • Direct 4 GHz Balun
  • 4 x 10 GSPS 14-bit DAC: -40 to 0 dBm (default)
  • Programmable clocks
  • External reference and triggers
  • SSMC style connectors

On-board flash

  • Flash memory for booting FPGA
  • Flash memory for ARM bootloader and OS image

External memory

  • 16GB DDR4 processing system (ARM) memory with ECC
  • 8GB DDR4 programmable logic memory with ECC

External digital interfaces

  • Processing system
    • PCIe Gen2 x1
    • RJ45 Ethernet
    • USB UART
    • USB 3.0
    • Mini DisplayPort
  • Programmable logic
    • Up to 200 Gb/s via:
      • Option 1: inboard OCuLink
      • Option 2: Front panel 2x QSFP28
    • Xilinx Hard IP support for dual 100GbE and PCIe Gen4


  • Standard: double-width passive heatsink
  • Contact BittWare for other cooling options


  • On-board power derived from 6-pin AUX connector
  • Power dissipation is application dependent
  • Typical max power consumption 50W


  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C


  • Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 IPC-A-610-Class III
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE, FCC, UKCA & ICES approvals

Form factor

  • 3/4-length, standard-height PCIe dual-slot card (x16 mechanical)
  • Supports standalone operation
  • RFX-8440 can be ordered as a TeraBox™ integrated server platform

Development Tools

FPGA development

  • BittWare provides a basic data capture and replay example utilizing the major interfaces of the product. Xilinx Vivado development tools are fully supported for development of custom designs.


  • RFX-8440 Analog Data Acquisition Card
  • Data capture and relay example - Full source code
  • 1-year hardware warranty

Sales Ordering Numbers

RFX-8440-0009RFX-8440A card with 3 GHz balun input with QSFP28 mezzanine for TeraBox 1401B/1402B
RFX-8440-0012RFX-8440A card with 3 GHz balun input
RFX-8440-0013RFX-8440A card with 3 GHz balun input with QSFP28 mezzanine
RFX-8440-0014RFX-8440A card with 4 GHz balun input with QSFP28 mezzanine
RFX-8440-0015RFX-8440A card with 4 GHz balun input

Looking for a different configuration? Check out the RFX-8440L, or ask us about other configuration options.

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