XUP-VVP with liquid cooling


FPGA Cryptocurrency Mining Board

Replace an entire GPU rig with a single liquid cooled unit!

Powerful FPGA Mining

Our CVP-13 makes FPGA cryptocurrency mining easy! With a single board, you can get hash rates multiple times faster than GPUs! No more complex rigs with lots of maintenance. Up to three CVP-13s can run under a single 1,600W supply, liquid cooling loop, and motherboard.

Easy to Use

  • Runs under Windows 10 for Zetheron algos (X16R, Nexus, 0xToken, and more) or Linux
  • Uses off-the-shelf liquid cooling—you provide the loop and hook up to CVP-13’s supplied water block
  • Compatible with PCIe risers; with Zetheron algos USB+Power is all that’s needed (no PCIe at all!)
  • Active FPGA Discord community; walkthrough videos/guides for setup

Why CVP-13 for Cryptocurrency Mining?

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Incredible hash performance packs the power of many GPUs into a single board!

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Many algos/coins available to adapt to changing market conditions.

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The VU13P FPGA is a solid price/performance leader and will continue to be for the future.

Available and Upcoming Coins/Algos

Here’s where to find what can you mine with the CVP-13!

Released Bitstreams

AlgorithmsHashrateDev FeeCoinPlatformOS
vBlake9 GH/s0% VeriblockZetheronWindows
skunkhash1100 MH/s8%HDAC, GlobalToken, othersZetheronWindows
grostl & diamond-grostl1.8 GH/s0%Groestlcoin, othersZetheronWindows
SHA-323 GH/s4%0xBitcoinZetheronWindows
Nexus2.3 GH/s4%NexusZetheronWindows
0xtoken17 GH/s5%0xtokenAllmineAllmine Shell / Linux
keccak25617 GH/s5%keccak256AllmineAllmine Shell / Linux
sha3_25617 GH/s5%zen protocolAllmineAllmine Shell / Linux
tribus2.4 GH/s5%tribusAllmineAllmine Shell / Linux
x13sm3 240 MH/s5%x13sm3AllmineAllmine Shell / Linux
Tribus2.4 GH/sTribusGithub
Amoveo38 GH/sAmoveoGithub
Blake2b38 GH/s0%TitlenetGithub
BMW51210 GH/s5%DigitalNote XDNAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
Honeycomb650 MH/s7.5%BeeNodeAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
Neoscrypt v210.5 MH/sAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
vblake29.2 GH/s5%VeriblockAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
Turtlecoin350 KH/s5%TurtleAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
argon2dnimiq1.1 MH/s5%NimiqAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
odocrypt2.5 -2.8 GH/s5%DGBAllmineAllmine Shell ⁄ Linux
Eaglesong17.28GH/s8%CKB NervosRuplikWindows 10
Eaglesong16.5 GH/s*CKB NervosAllmine
K12 AEON51.5 GH/s8%AeonRuplikWindows 10
Kadena7.2 GH/s6%Blake2sRuplikWindows
HNS3.2 GH/s8%HandshakeRuplikWindows
HNSMode 1: 4.24 GH/s, 410A, 318W
Mode 2: 4.08 GH/s, 366A, 270W
$10 license fee + 15% dev feeHandshakeZetheron
* Contact developer for fees.

Beta Bitstreams

AlgorithmsEstimated HashrateCoinEstimated Release Date
Kadena (Zetheron)18.48GH/sblake2sTBD
RB5 (Zetheron Code Name)300MH/sRB5TBD
X16Rv21st release: 240 MH/sRavencoin, Bitcash, othersTBD
* Release of beta bitstreams is subject to change at any time and is not guaranteed.

Live Demo (Using XUP-VVP)

In Server (Using XUP-VVP)

Virtex VU13P FPGA

CVP-13 is powered by...

Xilinx VU13P FPGA

One of the most powerful FPGAs in crypto mining!

Reviews and How-to Guides

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Bitstream by Comino for CVP-13

BittWare CVP-13 Card Mining: Day 1

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