BittWare Announces Support for SDAccel Development Environment on Xilinx FPGA Accelerator Cards

Allows easy migration between cloud based and on-premise FPGA acceleration

November 15, 2017

Denver, CO—At SC17 today, BittWare announced support for Xilinx’s SDAccel™ Development Environment on its leading UltraScale+™ FPGA PCIe boards, beginning with the XUPP3R board. SDAccel provides a high-level software based development environment, allowing faster time to market and an expanded FPGA developer base. SDAccel has been key in creating a market for FPGA acceleration though cloud-based acceleration-as-a-service. BittWare chose the XUPP3R for the initial target for SDAccel as it shares the same Virtex UltraScale+ VU9P FPGA, memory, and I/O configuration as leading FPGA-as-a-service cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Alibaba—allowing for easy migration between cloud based and on-premise environments.

“We’re thrilled to add the versatile SDAccel Development Environment to our powerful UltraScale+ FPGA-based product line”, said Ron Huizen, BittWare Vice President, Platform Products “With our XUPP3R sharing the feature set of leading cloud deployments, our boards are now an easy alternative when users prefer on-premise hardware.”

Offering SDAccel on FPGA hardware brings two distinct advantages. First, development teams can get to market faster by coding in OpenCL™, C, C++ and RTL while still achieving significant acceleration performance using FPGAs. One notable example of this is machine learning, where the underlying algorithms and frameworks are undergoing frequent performance improvements. The increased performance of these newer approaches outweighs the advantages of native FPGA development, due to the longer development time beginning with older frameworks. Future improvements in the underlying algorithms are also much easier to implement for SDAccel with OpenCL, C, C++ and RTL development environment.

SDAccel is also streamlining adoption of cloud-based FPGA acceleration and FPGA-as-a-service (FAAS). With SDAccel on BittWare’s XUPP3R, users targeting cloud acceleration, or those who began on the cloud and now need an on-premise solution, can use similar hardware and development environments.

BittWare is targeting its XUPP3R board for SDAccel support in Q1 2018. This will be followed by other Xilinx FPGA-based BittWare boards, including the Viper platform XUPVV4 with the Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P FPGA. Both of these boards feature 4x 100G links, with optional 8x 100G. BittWare recently upgraded the maximum memory to 512Gbytes DDR4 in four banks, along with options for QDR-II+. For more information, visit BittWare’s booth 692 at SC17 or contact BittWare.

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