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VAS Suite

Intelligent Video Analytics Solution

520N-MX with Megh IP block
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VAS Suite from Megh Computing is an intelligent video analytics solution for security and system integrators who need actionable insights with enterprise class performance, while managing TCO considerations.

With Megh’s Concierge Support to help you get started with development, VAS Suite makes it easy to transition to AI-driven business operations. VAS Suite runs on BittWare cards with Altera Stratix 10 FPGAs with plans to support Altera Agilex FPGAs.

Key Features

Real Time Analytics

Scale from
1 to 100 cameras
per system

Edge-to-Cloud deployment options


Watch our interview with Megh CEO PK Gupta.


Review live and stored events

  • Real-time view across all sites and camera streams
  • Review multiple events together in the timeline

Adjust settings for highest accuracy

  • AI sensitivity controls
  • Inclusion/exclusion zones

Rules and notifications

  • Easy and powerful logic-based alerts
  • Trigger email or SMS notifications
  • Ability to limit notifications based on frequency and number of detections

Deployment and integration options

  • Standalone or integrated with VMS systems
  • Edge appliance or cloud application

Advanced configuration

  • Diagnostic view for detailed analysis
  • Advanced AI pipeline configuration settings
Bar chart comparing Stratix 10 and V100 throughput

Performance numbers for the most common models running on Altera Stratix 10 compared to NVIDIA’s V100 GPUs

NVMe Bridge Platform IP Core Facts

Provided with Core

  • Documentation: comprehensive user documentation
  • Design file formatsEncrypted Verilog
  • Constraints files: Provided per FPGA
  • Verification: ModelSim verification model
  • Instantiation templates: Verilog (VHDL wrappers available)
  • Reference designs and application notes:  Synthesis and place and route scripts
  • Additional items: Reference design 

Simulation tool used: 
QuestaSim (contact IntelliProp for latest versions supported)

Phone and email support will be provided for fully licensed cores for a period of 6 months from the delivery date.

Other simulators are available. Please contact IntelliProp for more information.

Data Sheet and Product Details

Deployment configurations

Enable real-time analytics at the edge, on premises, or private or public cloud.

Deployment configurations

Intelligent Video Analytics

VAS Suite offers video analytics for a variety of public safety and business operations use cases.

Watch a demo of the use cases.

Smart Buildings

  • Loiter detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • People counting

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Smart Factories

  • Inventory tracking
  • PPE compliance
  • Collision detection

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Smart Cities

  • People management
  • Traffic management
  • Anomaly detection

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High performance DL inferencing on FPGAs for

  • Surveillance
  • Takeoff and landing

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The Inferencing stage is the most critical stage of the pipeline implementing the deep learning models for object detection and image classification. Megh’s DLE (Deep Learning Engine) running on FPGAs delivers the best performance for many of the models used for IVA. The high throughput achieved with FPGAs delivers the lowest cost per stream for many of the IVA use cases.

IVA pipeline

Actionable Insights

Comprehensive Control

  • Customize the AI / Video Analytics pipeline for any camera view
  • Optimize for accuracy, TCO, or performance based on use case
  • Edge-to-Cloud deployment options for performance, cost, and regulatory adherence

Safe Scalability

  • Start with CPU and scale to GPU / FPGA as needed
  • Scale from 1 to 100 cameras per system
  • Link multiple systems and manage in VAS Suite dashboard

Easy AI Adoption

  • Concierge Support for onboarding, support, or customization assistance

Optimized TCO

  • Right-size hardware (not over or under-spec’d)
  • Pre-tested requirements mean no surprises once deployed in the field
  • Add software licenses as needed, per channel

Enables Operational Reliability

  • Intelligent video analytics that actually delivers in complex environments and use cases
  • Provides the accuracy and real-time performance to fully-transition to AI-driven business

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