BittWorks II Toolkit Lite for Intel PAC

Thank you for your interest in the Intel Arria 10 PAC card and Toolkit.

As of July 2020, customers should reach out to Intel directly for access to all Intel PAC card deliverables, including BMC code updates and BittWare’s BittWorks II Toolkit Lite. The Intel team also provides technical support for this product.

However, for your convenience, the BittWorks II Toolkit Lite is also available for purchase from BittWare. More information is below:

The BittWorks II Toolkit Lite provides the following features over USB:

  • Device setup, device information
  • Flash loading and FPGA booting
  • Monitor board health via Board Management Controller (BMC)
  • Remote board upgrades: FPGA loads, BMC firmware, programmable clocks
  • GUI utilities

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