Solutions Partners

BittWare has partnered with many companies to provide additional products and services and to leverage the technical expertise of industry leaders.

Global Technology Partners

BittWare has partnered with the following technology leaders:

Altera FPGA solutions that shorten time to market, improve performance and productivity, and reduce system costs.
FPGA solutions that shorten time to market, improve performance and productivity, and reduce system costs.

Solutions Partners

BittWare works in partnership with the companies listed below to provide integrated solutions for our end customers. For information on the products and services available, contact BittWare.

4DSP_logo FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) A/D and D/A products.
Professional OpenCL™ programmer training and consulting services for Altera FPGAs.
Market feed handler and low latency gateway libraries.
argon Electronics and software design services specialising in multimedia and FPGA-based high performance trading
 AtomicRulesLogo2008092604 Custom IP development, example UDP, precision timestamping, PCIe, networking.
concurrent_logo_300x54 High performance Intel® processor based SBCs for VME, VXS, VPX, CompactPCI® and AdvancedMC™.
 dell Dell system servers for application ready platforms
Elma_Logo VPX, VXS, cPCI and MicroTCA chassis and back planes.
partner-enyx IP Cores designed specifically for financial applications.
Multi-core software OpenCL™ development services.
 hp HP system servers for application-ready platforms
IBM Logo IBM System x® Servers for Application-Ready Financial Platforms.
OpenCL™ Concierge Design Services from a US company that has helped hundreds of mil, aero and commercial teams accelerate their applications on FPGA.
partner-intilop Ultra-low latency TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) IP for financial acceleration.
ldatech 25 GbE Networking enclosures for PCI Express compliant FPGA board platforms.
 lenovo System servers for Application-Ready Financial Platforms.
partner-lewiz Ultra low latency, multi-session TOE IP cores.
 nat_logo AMC MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) modules
IBM and Intel server computing systems.
Hardware acceleration solutions for portfolio valuation in financial acceleration applications

Polybus Infiniband link layer and transport layer.
OpenCL™ development services.
tamba Ultra low-latency ethernet and Interlaken cores
Trenton server computing systems.

Why BittWare?

Quality & Life Cycle Management

Technology refresh capability with 10+ year supply, quality and timely manufacturing and a trustworthy supply chain. ISO 9000 certified FPGA platform vendor with a history of proven, successful, on-time supply.

FPGA Board & Integrated Platforms

Standard form factor boards including PCIe, VPX, VME, AMC and XMC.  Bittware's board and integrated platforms support configurable hardware options, data conversion I/O options, and air-cooled and rugged operation.

Value Added Products for FPGAs

FPGA application development using HDL and OpenCL workflows, FPGA Development Kits (FDKs), and complete application solutions from BittWare's technology partners leveraging the technical expertise of industry leaders.

System Development & Integration

Host development tools, Board Support Packages (BSPs), Baseboard Management Controller and integrated "boxes" including chassis, backplanes and all other items necessary for a full solution to get to market more quickly.