governmentGovernment applications in markets such as cyber security, intelligence, and secure communications have unique and rapidly shifting challenges. These applications have to account for aggressive data bandwidths and strict security requirements, and in many cases must reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP).BittWare’s FPGA products for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Network Packet Processing (NPP) are ideal for meeting these demands. OpenCL support greatly simplifies FPGA application development by allowing developers to use a high-level programming language for developing acceleration functions. High-speed I/O interfaces supporting up to 100GigE supply the high-bandwidth, low-latency I/O connections.

Case Study

Deep Packet Inspection Solution

Inspect-DataNetwork packet processing applications in the government market must maintain security without abandoning processing power or speed. A customer developing a solution for large-scale deep packet inspection was debating whether to use FPGAs or a multi-core CPU and came to BittWare after determining that FPGAs provided a better balance of price, power, and performance. Their end solution included BittWare’s TeraBox, which is an integrated platform that supports up to 16 BittWare dual Stratix V FPGA boards, over 1.28 Terabits/sec of I/O, and up to 6.5 Terabits/sec of memory bandwidth – along with complete software support.