financial_servicesFinancial applications must account for a variety of challenges. These applications require ultra-low latency feed handling as well as ever-faster analysis/data correlation. They should also attain maximum performance per watt to minimize energy and thermal requirements. Many applications also require a scalable architecture to enable “FPGA Farm” implementation. BittWare offers FPGA-based PCIe COTS solutions to address the challenges of developing financial applications for the financial acceleration/HFT (High Frequency Trading) market.

BittWare’s ultra-low latency hardware platforms are based on the industry leading Arria 10 and Stratix V FPGAs from Altera.  These PCIe cards offer the industry’s highest performance FPGAs with over 1 TeraFLOPS of processing, CPU offload, the highest performance transceivers, and optional TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine) for network and algorithm acceleration. With maximum processing performance per watt to minimize energy and thermal requirements and QDR II/II+ combined with 10GigE straight to the FPGA (no conversion to XAUI) for ultra-low latency, BittWare’s PCIe boards are a robust solution for Financial Acceleration applications.

BittWare is a financial application partner for Altera, providing Altera’s customers with fully-tested, deployable Altera 10 and Stratix V-based COTS hardware for financial applications.

FPGA Based Network and Algorithm Acceleration

Many of BittWare’s customers in the financial sector provide system solutions for financial acceleration.

The challenges in this space are unique:

  • Require ultra-low latency feed handling
  • Faster analysis/data correlation
  • Maximum performance/watt (minimize energy and thermal requirements)
  • Desire for scalable architecture to enable “FPGA Farm” implementation

Two different scenerios exist for this type of application. In both examples, the FPGA in the customer’s high frequency trading application receives market data via 10GigE from the financial institution. The FPGA decodes, parses, and filters the feed; and optionally keeps the books.

In the first example, the FPGA then runs trade/risk algorithms; and manages orders. The CPU is used for system management. Orders are sent back to the financial institution via the FPGA over Ethernet.


In the second example, the FPGA runs proprietary analysis algorithms, while the CPU runs trading algorithms and performs order management processing. Orders are sent back to the financial institution via the CPU over Ethernet.


BittWare’s PCIe cards based on the Altera Stratix V GX/GS, the industry’s highest performance FPGA with over 1 TeraFLOPS of processing, are ideal solutions. The boards provide 10GigE straight to the FPGA (no external PHY) for ultra low latency, saving hundreds of nanoseconds. Providing maximum processing performance per watt, and optional TCP/IP off-load engine (TOE), these PCIe-compliant deployable slot-cards for blade server systems are proven solutions that work out of the box, with validation, verification, and control software in place.

Case Study

Fixnetix iX-eCute Trading System Second Phase Solution

DXC Fixnetix, a global managed services provider for trading, market data and risk control, came to BittWare looking for a solution for the second phase of their iX-eCute trade execution and pre-trade risk service. The company provides outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting and infrastructure connectivity as well as risk management solutions to leading global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.

Like most financial applications, Fixnetix had very specific requirements for their iX-eCute trade execution and pre-trade risk service product which was originally designed in 2010 using Xilinx technology. The company was embarking on a technology refresh to take advantage of increased performance from a more powerful FPGA technology and they were looking for a COTS board design company to provide a solution for these next generation products. They came to BittWare. The leader in Altera FPGA-based technology and the first to market with an Altera Stratix V PCI Express card, BittWare worked with Fixnetix to create a complete solution. The final result included a BittWare S5-PCIe PCIe-compliant deployable slot-card card based on the Altera Stratix V GX with large banks of DDR3 memory, and FPGA Development kit with proven, hardware specific IP.

You can read more about Fixnetix and their iX-eCute trade execution and pre-trade risk service on their website,

Financial Solutions Partners

BittWare has partnered with the leading suppliers for financial acceleration and validated their IP on BittWare hardware.  For information on the products and services available, contact BittWare.

Market feed handler and low latency gateway libraries.
argon Electronics and software design services specialising in multimedia and FPGA-based high performance trading
AtomicRulesLogo2008092604 Custom IP development, example UDP, precision timestamping, PCIe, networking.
partner-enyx IP Cores designed specifically for financial applications.
fixstars Multi-core software OpenCL™ development services.
IBM_logo IBM System x® Servers for Application-Ready Financial Platforms.
impulse1 OpenCL™ Concierge Design Services from a US company that has helped hundreds of mil, aero and commercial teams accelerate their applications on FPGA.
partner-indelabs 2nd Gen feed handler IP (X-Feed) and customization services for financial applications.
partner-intilop Ultra-low latency TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) IP for financial acceleration.
partner-lewiz Ultra low latency, multi-session TOE IP cores.
paconsulting Hardware acceleration solutions for portfolio valuation in financial acceleration applications

OpenCL™ development services.
tamba Ultra low-latency ethernet and Interlaken cores
Trenton server computing systems.