compute_storageCompute & data center technology is changing quickly. These large scale data systems need high-speed data processing with high-bandwidth, low-latency connections to network and storage systems. BittWare’s FPGA boards provide the compression, data filtering, and algorithmic acceleration ideal for these applications. OpenCL support greatly simplifies FPGA application development by allowing developers to use a high-level programming language for developing acceleration functions. High-speed I/O interfaces supporting up to 100GigE supply the high-bandwidth low-latency I/O connections.

Case Study

Myricom Next Generation Network Adapter

Myricom_logoCSPI/Myricom, an IT integration solutions and high-performance computer system provider, came to BittWare after determining that FPGAs were the logical solution for its next generation of network adapters. In a joint development effort, CSPI based its next-generation Myricom network adapter on BittWare’s Arria V GZ low profile PCIe board platform (A5PL), which provides two 40 GigE or eight 10 GigE network interfaces and optional DDR3 or QDRII+ SDRAM. The solution uses BittWare’s FPGA board platforms and value-add expertise, enabling Myricom to go to market quickly and efficiently with their proprietary Intellectual Property (IP).

CSPI’s family of network adapters integrates the company’s application-targeted acceleration packages (DBL™ for financial trading and Sniffer10G™ for packet capture) and is optimized for highly accurate time stamping and low latency. Teaming with BittWare on the development of their Arria V based platform provided CSPI with a high quality foundation for their application-targeted IP.

Case Study

Streaming Data Application

streaming-dataSolutions for streaming large amounts of data can be extremely complex and slow, and require extensive code. A customer set out to create a product that could simplify the process and came to BittWare after determining that FPGAs were an ideal part of the solution. They used a dual Stratix V FPGA board, BittWare’s S5PE-DS, in combination with a CPU and a GPU to develop an appliance for transforming, protecting, and sharing streaming data. The end result is a product that dramatically outperforms conventional data streaming solutions.