Modified COTS Solutions

We offer custom product and software design services for our customers based on Xilinx’s FPGA technology. Whether modifying an existing design from our extensive off-the-shelf product line or building a product to meet a customer’s exact specifications, our team can deliver a broad range of solutions. Customers can draw from our extensive FPGA, DSP, and I/O expertise.

This service allows BittWare to support our customers’ development effort from prototype to production, whether in quantities of hundreds or thousands of products. We offer cost-effective, flexible NRE and production plans as well as IP licensing.

Contact us for details on our modified COTS solutions.

Why BittWare?

Quality & Life Cycle Management

Technology refresh capability with 10+ year supply, quality and timely manufacturing and a trustworthy supply chain. ISO 9000 certified FPGA platform vendor with a history of proven, successful, on-time supply.  Learn more.

FPGA Board Platforms

BittWare's Virtex and Kintex UltraScale low-profile and 3/4-length PCIe board platforms support dual & quad QSFP, DDR4, configurable hardware options, data conversion I/O options, and air-cooled operation.  Learn more.

FPGA Development Tools

Designed to make developing and debugging the applications for BittWare’s boards easy and efficient, the Toolkit provides the glue between the host application and the hardware.  Learn more.

System Development & Integration

Host development tools, Board Support Packages, Baseboard Management Controller and integrated platforms including chassis, backplanes for a full solution. Learn more.