OpenVPX:  An independent association addressing VPX system interoperability issues

The OpenVPX Working Group was a collaboration of industry-leading defense contractors and embedded military COTS vendors, formed to tackle the issue of developing a comprehensive system specification to define a system architecture for VPX and to ensure interoperability among VPX components. BittWare was a member of the OpenVPX Working Group as well as the Steering Committee.

VPX is an ANSI standard, defined the the VME bus International Trade Association (VITA) to provide support for serial switch fabrics over a new high-speed connector as well as to operate in harsh environments. For years, VPX was largely focused at the board level, and industry leaders saw a need to develop a system-level standard to improve interoperability and reduce customization, testing, cost, and risk. OpenVPX brings together the wide range of VPX expertise of many industry leaders, resulting in a standard that enables the best of VPX technologies.

The OpenVPX working group committed to an aggressive timeline for completing the OpenVPX System Specification. In October 2009, they handed the specification to the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) for ratification as VITA 65.

Why BittWare?

Quality & Life Cycle Management

Technology refresh capability with 10+ year supply, quality and timely manufacturing and a trustworthy supply chain. ISO 9000 certified FPGA platform vendor with a history of proven, successful, on-time supply.

FPGA Board & Integrated Platforms

Standard form factor boards including PCIe, VPX, VME, AMC and XMC.  Bittware's board and integrated platforms support configurable hardware options, data conversion I/O options, and air-cooled and rugged operation.

Value Added Products for FPGAs

FPGA application development using HDL and OpenCL workflows, FPGA Development Kits (FDKs), and complete application solutions from BittWare's technology partners leveraging the technical expertise of industry leaders.

System Development & Integration

Host development tools, Board Support Packages (BSPs), Baseboard Management Controller and integrated "boxes" including chassis, backplanes and all other items necessary for a full solution to get to market more quickly.