BittWare Expands Sales Channel with the Addition of New Manufacturer’s Representative Based in New York

Foster & Wager provides sales support in New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey.

April 10, 2014

CONCORD, NH – BittWare, the leader in Altera-based FPGA COTS boards, announced today that they have partnered with Foster & Wager to represent them in New York, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.  Foster & Wager is a manufacturer’s representative company based in Webster, New York representing market-leaders such as Intel and International Rectifier.  BittWare’s complete product line of Altera-based FPGA COTS hardware, FPGA development tools, and systems & solutions will be added to Foster & Wager’s product portfolio.

“Demand for BittWare’s FPGA-based products in the North East within the industrial, military/defense and financial sectors is growing,” stated Darren Taylor, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at BittWare. “The addition of Foster & Wager – a seasoned sales channel partner who has a proven track record in the North East – will help BittWare to secure these opportunities.”

“Foster & Wager represents market leaders in the semiconductor industry,” said David Wager, President of Foster & Wager. “We consider BittWare to be the industry leader for high-performance Altera FPGA-based COTS hardware making them a natural addition to our portfolio and product offering.”

About Foster & Wager

Established in 1966, Foster & Wager is an expert sales organization with over 40 years serving high technology clients in the upstate New York, eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware markets. Foster & Wager has cultivated a strong network of customers that count on them to provide the latest and most innovative hardware and software solutions to meet a wide range of design and application requirements. A Sales Team with over 150 years of experience, Foster & Wager brings you expertise in; Server, Mobile & Desktop solutions, Embedded Platforms, Retail (Kiosk, Point of Sale, Display), Industrial (IoT, Transportation, Print Imaging), Medical (Patient Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics), and Military (Radar, Electronic Warfare, Mission Computing).

Media contact:

Dave Wager
Foster & Wager
55 Webster Commons Blvd.
Webster, NY 14580

About BittWare, Inc.

For 25 years, BittWare has designed and deployed high-end signal processing, network processing, and high performance computing board-level solutions that significantly reduce technology risk and time-to revenue for our OEM customers.  Our solutions are exclusively based on the latest FPGA technology from Altera and industry-standard COTS form factors including PCIe, VPX / OpenVPX, AMC, XMC and FMC (VITA 57).  When customer requirements make it difficult to use industry-standard boards, BittWare can provide modified solutions, and/or licensed designs for applications in the financial, communications, instrumentation and military/aerospace markets.  For more information on BittWare and its innovative FPGA COTS solutions, visit