BittWare, a Leading FPGA Board Platform Supplier, Celebrates 25 Years

From DSP board supplier to premier FPGA board platform vendor, BittWare has consistently provided proven & trusted hardware across a variety of industries and applications.

September 25, 2014

CONCORD, NH – BittWare is celebrating its twenty-five year anniversary supplying special purpose processing boards that deliver leading edge performance. While that leading edge has moved out significantly in the past 25 years, BittWare has continued to successfully deliver compelling, proven hardware and software to markets as wide ranging as Instrumentation, Military/Aerospace/Government (MAG), Networking, Financial and Computing. Initially focused on DSP products for signal processing and now leveraging high-end FPGA technology to address networking, packet processing, storage, and acceleration applications – BittWare’s solutions have enabled thousands of customers to focus on their unique value-add rather than “reinventing the wheel”, enabling quicker time-to-deployment with less risk.

“Our first boards provided 75 MFLOPS of processing with 16 MBytes of memory and 100 MBytes/sec of bandwidth. We now produce boards that deliver several TFLOPS of processing with 64 GBytes of memory and 150 GBytes/sec of bandwidth.  Our products have increased performance three to five orders of magnitude over the past 25 years. While board complexities haven’t increased quite as fast, it is simply amazing that BittWare has been able to drive the leading edge for 25 years straight,” stated Jeff Milrod, President & CEO of BittWare. “I am incredibly proud of our proven track record, and we are committed to continuing to deliver our customers with compelling products that will enable them to build their compelling solutions.”

Incorporated in 1989, BittWare introduced their first high-performance DSP-based board for ISA bus in 1991 and also created the DSP21k Toolkit, establishing the de facto industry standard for Analog Devices’ floating-point DSP board host interface libraries.  Over the course of the next twelve years, BittWare released over forty board products based on Analog Devices’ floating-point DSPs covering a variety of technologies and form factors, making BittWare a premier worldwide solution partner for ADI.

In 2004, BittWare began a partnership with Altera Corporation to design exclusively with Altera’s FPGA technology, releasing their first Altera FPGA-based board into the market in that same year.  Since that time, BittWare has released more than twenty-five FPGA platform products based on Altera’s high-density FPGA technology including the Stratix II GX, Stratix IV GX, Stratix V, Arria V and Arria 10 and covering multiple form factors including PCIe, VPX, AMC, and FMC.  Recent releases include the A5PL, a low-profile PCIe board based on Altera’s Arria V FPGA delivering low latency, high performance network processing with time-stamping and rich feature set; and a new board family based on Altera’s Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs which integrate hardened floating-point DSP operators, 28 Gbps transceivers, and dual-core ARM SoCs.

About BittWare, Inc.

For 25 years, BittWare has designed and deployed board-level solutions for network packet processing, high performance computing and signal processing applications that significantly reduce technology risk and time-to revenue for our OEM customers.  Our products are based on the latest FPGA technology from Altera and industry-standard COTS form factors including PCIe, VPX / OpenVPX, AMC, XMC and FMC (VITA 57).  When customer requirements make it difficult to use industry-standard boards, BittWare can provide modified solutions, and/or licensed designs for applications in the financial, instrumentation military/aerospace/government (MAG) and compute & storage markets.  For more information on BittWare and its innovative FPGA COTS solutions, visit