BittWare Announces A10SA4 PCIe FPGA Board with Arria 10 FPGA and OpenCL Support

Designed using new BittWare Spider platform with thermals first approach

June 20, 2017

ISC Show, Frankfurt, Germany—BittWare today announced the A10SA4, a low-profile PCIe board with Intel’s Arria 10 GX FPGA and support for OpenCL programming. The A10SA4 is the first board designed on BittWare’s Spider platform, which targets users needing large FPGA utilization in high-density server environments. BittWare announced the A10SA4 at the ISC 2017 show in Frankfurt, booth A-1431.

“After several years of successfully delivering Arria 10 to wide range of leading edge applications, we have found that our customers are now able to implement solutions requiring more advanced power delivery and cooling,” said Jeff Milrod, CEO of BittWare. “Our low profile Spider platform implements a new gen platform to enable the full potential of these new gen FPGAs.”

The A10SA4 gives users similar resources to BittWare’s A10PL4 PCIe board, including 1.1M FPGA logic elements, DDR4 memory (up to 16GB), and an optional QSFP at 40 Gbps. The difference comes with the new Spider platform, which provides a passive thermal design that gives users high-performance cooling they need when running large FPGA loads. With the A10SA4 board’s support for OpenCL, a typical application would be accelerating libraries originally targeted at CPUs or GPUs—but with the unique advantages an FPGA environment can provide.

Spider platform boards are designed using advanced computer flow simulation to drive the physical board design in a thermals first approach, including the use of heat pipes, airflow channels, and arranging components to maximize the limited available airflow in a server. Spider boards are passive by default, with active cooling as an option.

The new A10SA4 can be ordered with BittWare’s OpenCL BSP—a popular option for programming teams seeking rapid development, faster field upgrades, or use of existing programming libraries. Visit the product page for A10SA4 on to learn more.

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